How Bloggers Can Build Their Brand

An incredible brand goes beyond just a cool name, a nice logo and some impressive graphics. A brand is not just designing elements; this is the general vibe of the company. Impressive brand makes you feel something. And they make you feel something about your communication, your style, your design elements, the colours you use, how you respond to emails, and answer the phone as they interact in social networks and so on.

You know who you are
It seems so obvious, but this step is so important, and yet it is often overlooked! After all, your brand is man. Observe the mission statement of your brand by writing the purpose of your company / blog. Some questions to consider … What inspires you every day? Why do you do what you do? What distinguishes your company from others? What do you hope to achieve? Usually make the mission statement of your brand set 2-3.

Attention retail
Pay attention to all the small details that are often overlooked, is a great way to make your brand stand out. Things like how your website, your presence in the social media dress, how to respond to emails, etc. Should reflect all your unique brand! Your story is what makes you unique because no one has exactly the same story! Share your story and how it inspires you to do what you do. I shared my story here and explained how he leads me where i am!

Create a emotion card
I love this part! A humorous advice is a collection of pictures, fonts, colours and more to articulate a topic. You can create them in pinterest, photoshop and of course in the old fashioned way; cut things like newspaper cut-outs and put them together on a table. Take time to collect fonts, colors, images, inspiration in fashion, graphics and icons to create a mood board. Once you have a decent collection, look for topics. Is there a particular colour or font that i can go back to? All the photos and the similarities between the different elements? Once you have identified these, you limit your mood to remove the board by anything that does not fit. To prevent it getting overwhelming, try to get your mind board with 30 frames or less!

Steps to the experience great customers create
In the event, i said not often enough already, consistency key is to create a strong, big brand. This includes all the experiences you give your customers! Take your time to write every step, will happen with each customer; from the first e-mail to the last card of thanks. This allows you to give each customer a great experience and make sure not to forget any of the steps!

Verify products and services
Moreover, the better can be cantered. You can get tons of passions and different interests and be tempted to play in all of them, but the result will likely be something diluted and diluted. Concentrate on the products and / or services that you are most excited about and work in these subject areas will be really strong.